Our Science

Pioneering a new wave in cancer therapy that stops immune evasion where it starts: in the tumor.

A tumor often creates barriers or bottlenecks not to proliferate but to evade immune detection and control.

At Larkspur, we couple insights into the chemistry of the tumor with LarkX, our proprietary machine-learning-enabled gene signature platform, to unlock previously intractable targets shared by both the tumor and the immune system.

LarkX, our proprietary machine-learning-enabled gene signature platform, identifies pathways with cancer cell-intrinsic adaptations that drive immune evasion.

LarkX bioinformatics approach focuses treatment on likely responders resulting in smaller, more targeted trials that drive rapid proof of concept and enable expansion into indications enriched for responders.

Our first-in-class pipeline programs are initially focused on colorectal cancer (CRC), with opportunities to expand to multiple cancers.

Target Validation
Lead Discovery
Lead Optimization


First-in-class PIP4K2C protein degrader; PIP4K2C has been shown to be a cancer-intrinsic driver of immune evasion in both tumor and immune cells

Pin1 Program

Novel therapy targeting Pin1 to modulate fibroblasts to drive a pro-immune phenotype in the tumor microenvironment

TIM-1 Program

The TIM-1 target is now being pursued as part of a Larkspur Biosciences / Alloy Therapeutics joint venture, Tiburon Therapeutics