Our Science

Building the next precision immunotherapies to outsmart cancer.

Within its microenvironment, a tumor often creates barriers or bottlenecks to subvert the immune system.

At Larkspur, we’re focused on discovering and targeting these bottlenecks to develop precision immunotherapies for molecularly defined patient populations.

Our programs are designed to outsmart the tumor to enable robust and sustained immune responses.

LarkX, our unique target discovery platform, leverages patient genetics and immune phenotypes to fuel our pipeline and partnerships.

Applying bioinformatics and complex, in vitro models to discover critical immune barriers, LarkX can address multiple types of cancer. Signatures within the tumor microenvironment can exist in multiple cancers — creating a window to expand by matching a drug to the immune bottleneck.

Our first-in-class pipeline programs are initially focused on colorectal cancer (CRC), with opportunities to expand to multiple cancers.

Target Validation
Lead Discovery
Lead Optimization
Program 1 A novel approach to improve antigen-presenting function through lipid remodeling
Program 2 Novel therapy targeting Pin1 to program fibroblasts to drive a pro-immune phenotype in the tumor microenvironment
Program 3 A biologic targeting key B cell checkpoint TIM-1